Visitors are welcome to the Landor races please see the map for details off camping areas and facilities.

Please note that all campsites along the creek and immediately adjacent to are established sites, some of these sites have been occupied by the same stations for over 80 years or more. As a traditional bush meeting the history and connections of the families that have been coming to the Landor races create the unique atmosphere that we have. If you happen to set up in one of these traditional campsites you will be asked to move to another site. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. However the Friendly staff at the gate are more than happy to give you advice on anything and point you in the direction on the best places to camp.

Powered sites are not available you are welcome to bring your own generator, but please be respectful of your neighbours and all generators are required to be turned off by midnight. We do also have ice available for purchase from the bar between 9am and 10am Friday to Monday until supplies run out


The Landor races has sufficient showers and toilets situated throughout the grounds, There are a number of ablution blocks scattered through the visitors camping grounds, please be respectful  and abide by the directions given in relation to our facilities. We supply a limited amount of fire wood for the traditional BOILERS that heat the water for the shower, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN RELATION TO THE LIGHTING AND HEATING OF THE BOILERS.

Toilets we have ample toilets available but please be aware we work on a septic system, therefore only toilet paper can be flushed down our systems, please use the bins for any other items, if you flush something you shouldn’t you might regret it. If you find a problem with any toilet or shower please find a committee member and they will resolve the issue or in the least please report it to the bar.

Fire wood-please provide your own.

Ice sales 9am to 10pm at the bar.

Fuel on sale from the tanker on most mornings but please refer to the programme for more details.

For the safety and wellbeing of all people and horses please keep your speed below 40km/hr around the grounds and no under aged or unlicensed drivers permitted to drive, please also refrain from passengers travelling in the back of vehicles. Police and committee will monitor patron’s behavior in vehicles.

Horses – Visitors /Parents please keep your children away from horses to avoid accidents, horses have right off way at all times.

Rubbish- Bins are provided and at times over the weekend our team of great volunteers will come around to empty them  if your bins are full you are more than welcome to empty your bins in the rubbish tip to the north across the creek of the racecourse please referrer to the map or please ask for advice.

Catering: The kitchen is open over the weekend for a variety of meals and snacks, for bookings and more info please txt Chrissy on 0429857161

Please be respectful of our grounds, facilities and the people who make Landor happen each year, Landor runs on volunteers if your bins are not emptied on time or toilet paper not topped up you are more than welcome to pitch in and help out.